The Premier Treatment Network

The treatment landscape is confusing, so it helps to have some guidance to walk you and your family through it, and create a personalized recovery plan. The ideal guide is an expert with connections to the best services in the Los Angeles treatment network including treatment centers (detoxes, outpatient, or psychiatric), and individuals: such as psychologists and therapists. One of our specialists can serve as a go-to person for all treatment needs, and help to broker the treatment deal, navigate insurance and manage other costs.


  • Assessment of the addict's problems & needs: financial, health, in a phone call, individually in person, and with the family.

  • Constructing a plan: the best treatment options, keeping family involved, and after-care and integration following the initial treatment. 

  • Monitoring and Guiding the client through the entire process – tracking the recovery progress, managing resources and addressing other needs of client management. Advocating on client's behalf and acting as a communication hub between the family and all treatment providers. 

Once the addict is out of treatment, in regular therapy, and on the road to recovery, we’re always here as a resource for any questions or assistance, as long as the client needs us.